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Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Take action. Make an impact. Create value.

Cyber Intelligence Solutions is a specialist cybersecurity partner offering a suite of security assessment, active network testing, and training and advisory services. Our mission is protect our clients' assets and interests in the most effective and cost-efficient way. We achieve this by helping our clients understand the evolving cybersecurity landscape, set targets and strategies to achieve them, while identifying and responding to vulnerabilities and threats as they present.  

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Our Approach


The CIS Operating Model

At CIS we believe effective cyber solutions will integrate and analyse your security, exposure, and threat considerations on an enduring basis using risk as the common metric to proactively evaluate and enhance your cybersecurity. 


CIS Services

CIS provides a range of security system management, exposure identification and remediation, and threat detection and response solutions. These services can be accessed on an ad hoc basis or through an enduring program. 

Meeting at the office

The CIS Team

The Cyber Intelligence Solutions team brings together a powerful combination of pressure-tested cyber, national security, and technical specialists operating with the highest levels of discretion, professionalism, and mission focus.


Cyber Intelligence Solutions is a Precision Solutions Group company.

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